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Free VOLVO VIN Lookup & Decoder

Decoding a VIN before purchasing a Volvo is essential to understanding crucial details about the vehicle's history, including its manufacturing data, previous accidents, or any potential recalls. VIN decoding provides transparency, ensuring the buyer can make an informed decision and verify the car's authenticity and condition. This step is especially vital for a brand known for safety and durability like Volvo.

Quick Facts about VOLVO

Founded in:1927
Annual Sales:661,713 vehicles
Best Selling Model:Volvo XC60
Market Capitalization:Not publicly listed as it is owned by Geely
Largest Market:🇨🇳 China
Country of Origin:🇸🇪 Sweden

How to Decode VOLVO VIN

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number, a unique code that serves to identify and differentiate vehicles. Below you will see a table with a complete breakdown how to decode VIN numbers.
14Indicates the country where the vehicle was manufactured (1 - United States)
2-3HGIdentifies the vehicle manufacturer (F - Ford Inc.)
4-8CM826Specifies the vehicle's brand, engine size, and type
93Vehicle Security Code
102Indicates the model year of the vehicle
11ADenotes the plant where the vehicle was assembled
12-17005243Serial number of the vehicle
VIN breakdown

Key Reasons to Check a Volvo's VIN

Safety and Recall Checks
With 661,713 vehicles sold annually, a VIN check can identify if the Volvo has been affected by safety recalls, potentially impacting up to 5% of the fleet, ensuring that all safety issues are addressed.
Verification of Vehicle History
VIN decoding verifies the vehicle’s service history and previous ownership, critical for understanding the car's maintenance and ensuring it has been properly cared for.
Prevention of Fraud
Checking the VIN helps prevent potential fraud, confirming that the vehicle has not been stolen or involved in any illegal activities, thus protecting the buyer’s investment.


Manufacturer Identification

The initial three characters of the VIN specify the manufacturer's region and specific codes.
4V2, 4V4, 4V5, 4VG, 4VHVolvo USA
YB1, YB2, YB3Volvo Europa (Belgium)
YV1, YV2, YV4, YV5, YVZVolvo Sweden

Vehicle Series

The fourth position in the VIN designates the Volvo vehicle series.
H780 Bertone Coupe
K960, S90 and V90
L850, S70 and V70 from 1991 to 2000
MS40, V50 and C70 after 2004
SV70 and VC70 after 2000
VS40 and V40 from 1994 to 2004

Safety and Body Type

The fifth character of the VIN details the vehicle's body type and installed safety systems.
CodeBody Type
HAWD sedan
JAWD station wagon
KCoupe with airbags
SSedan with airbags
TAWD sedan
WWagon or 5 door hatchback with airbags
VAWD wagon or 5 door hatchback
YXC90 with three row seating

Engine Identification

The sixth and seventh characters in the VIN denote the engine specifications.
69, 79, 992.5 L
80-84, 86-892.3 L turbo
854.4 L
902.8 L turbo
922.4 L
932.5 L
95, 963.0 L
983.2 L

Emissions and Body Style Pre-1991

The eighth character initially indicated the body style, but post-1991 it represents the vehicle's emissions standard.
CodeBody Style
2Two door
4Four door
5Five door

Check Digit Verification

The ninth character, known as the check digit, is used to verify the accuracy of the VIN.

Model Year Encoding

The 10th character in the VIN represents the model year, using a combination of letters and numbers.

Manufacturing Plant

The 11th character identifies the specific assembly plant for the vehicle.
0Kalmar, Sweden
1Gothenburg, Sweden
2Ghent, Belgium
3Halifax, Canada
A, JUddevalla, Sweden
FNedcar, Born, Netherlands

Serial Number

The last six digits (positions 12 to 17) represent the vehicle's unique serial number.

VOLVO VIN Decoder Examples

Here are a few examples of VOLVO VIN numbers, and how decoding them can reveal basic information. You can also uncover a wealth of detailed information, including previous sales photos, odometer reports, salvage status, recalls, and much more in the detailed BADVIN vehicle history reports.
YV4CY982X81468515 — 2008 VOLVO XC90 (Gray, Automatic, Gasoline, 3.2L I6 FI DOHC 24V F4, Front Wheel Drive, 6 Cyl)
YV1SZ59H541131522 — 2004 VOLVO XC70 (Blue, Automatic, Gasoline, 2.5L I5 FI F4, All-Wheel Drive, 5 Cyl)
YV4CZ592661239363 — 2006 VOLVO XC90 (White, Automatic, Gasoline, 2.5L I5 FI F4, All-Wheel Drive, 5 Cyl)
YV1SZ59H041136398 — 2004 VOLVO XC70 (Green, Automatic, Gasoline, 2.5L I5 FI F4, All-Wheel Drive, 5 Cyl)
YV1MK672482045717 — 2008 VOLVO C30 (HATCHBAC, BLUE, MANUAL, 2.5L 5, Front-wheel Drive, GAS)
YV4992DZ7A2125811 — 2010 VOLVO XC60 (White, Automatic, Gasoline, 3.0L I6 FI DOHC 24V NF4, All-Wheel Drive, 6 Cyl)
YV1TS90D211202262 — 2001 VOLVO S80 (Silver, Automatic, Gasoline, 2.8L I6 FI DOHC F4, Front Wheel Drive, 6 Cyl)
YV1622FS4C2053585 — 2012 VOLVO S60 (Black, Automatic, Gasoline, 2.4L I5 FI DOHC 20V NF4, Front Wheel Drive, 5 Cyl)
YV1612FSXD2207186 — 2013 VOLVO S60 (Silver, Automatic, Gasoline, 2.5L I5 FI DOHC 20V NF4, Front Wheel Drive, 5 Cyl)
YV4CY592261296291 — 2006 VOLVO XC90 (Silver, Automatic, Gasoline, 2.5L I5 FI F4, Front Wheel Drive, 5 Cyl)
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Testimonials from our customers

I'm a huge Porsche nerd and love digging into the details on older models. The vin decoder from Badvin makes it so quick to pull up the original specs. Killer resource for any car geek trying to learn about neat rides.
I import JDM cars to Australia and use Bad Vin to verify chassis codes and specs. Much easier than trying to translate Japanese auction sheets. Helps a lot with making sure I am bidding on the right models.
Overall I like the vin decoder from bad vin. gives you all the key specs & trim details. Only complaint is it didnt have info on a few older cars I looked up, like an 87 CRX. but for most vehicles its quite handy
El decodificador VIN de badvin proporciona especificaciones detalladas del vehículo e información sobre el equipo de mi BMW Serie 3 2020. Muy útil y fácil de usar.
Frequently asked questions
Yes, a VIN decoder can determine the manufacture year of the vehicle as it is encoded in the 10th character of the VIN.
Yes, a VIN decoder can often determine if specific safety technologies are equipped on a VOLVO based on the trim and optional equipment codes within the VIN.
The VIN can provide information about the body style of a VOLVO, such as whether it is a sedan, coupe, or SUV, based on specific characters in the VIN sequence.
A VIN decoder can reveal engine details such as the engine size, configuration, and fuel type, which are encoded in specific characters of the VIN.
You can find your vehicle's VIN on the dashboard on the driver's side, visible through the windshield, and on your vehicle's registration documents.
A VIN alone does not typically provide fuel economy details directly; however, it can identify the vehicle model and engine type, which you can cross-reference with fuel economy data from other sources.
The manufacturing location can be interpreted from the first character of the VIN, which indicates the country of assembly, and sometimes more specific location details are included in the first few characters.
The 9th character in a VIN is the check digit, which is used to verify the authenticity of the VIN itself through a specific calculation.
A VIN decoder reveals the vehicle's trim level by decoding specific characters of the VIN that relate to the vehicle's series and equipment levels.
Yes, in many cases, you can determine the type of drivetrain a VOLVO has from its VIN if the manufacturer encodes this information within the VIN.
VOLVO in Vehicles Catalog
2019 VOLVO S60
$40,505 MSRP
$23,998 average used price
25,400+ sales records
2020 VOLVO XC90
$59,325 MSRP
$34,998 average used price
46,700+ sales records
2020 VOLVO XC40
$45,155 MSRP
$26,982 average used price
23,600+ sales records
2021 VOLVO S60
$40,505 MSRP
$28,900 average used price
12,700+ sales records
2023 VOLVO XC60
$47,630 MSRP
$44,557 average used price
390+ sales records
2024 VOLVO S60
$40,505 MSRP
$43,500 average used price
650+ sales records
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