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This Nissan Armada Just Keeps Getting Younger...Or Does It?

published 2021-07-06
by Jimmy Hood

This Nissan Armada is supposed to be the flagship SUV of the companies lineup but this particular example is a properly haunted ghostship with a past so scary it’ll terrorize your used car buying dreams.

As one of the most well-regarded SUVs in its class, the Nissan Armada holds its value well. It’s roomy, handsome, and capable. Some examples from 2005 are still priced at $10,000 and that’s with over 150,000 miles already driven. It’s that record for reliability and robustness that makes it such an attractive vehicle for rollback con artists. Buyers reassure themselves that even with high mileage examples, the SUV will be capable of withstanding the barrage of every-day life for years to come. That’s where our focus lies this week as we delve into the history of a Nissan Armada that was the subject of not one but two mileage rollbacks and might even have seen its title washed to hide a hideous past. Here’s how it happened, and how you keep a similar car from haunting your nightmares. 

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Title Washing Maserati Moneypit

published 2020-11-18
by Alex Booster

Slipping in behind the wheel of a sleek Maserati GranTurismo coupe is an emotional experience. Styling that’s dripping with sex appeal, a luxurious interior that imbues the driver with a sense of pride, and an engine that commands attention combine to form a dashing but delicate balance of Jekyll and Hyde proportions.

That’s the experience potential buyers are after, but to the uninitiated, there’s a chance that their prospective rolling masterpiece might be hiding a restoration underneath the sheet metal like all those botched classic artworks. On this journey from Italy to America, we’ll see how BADVIN could’ve helped the last buyer of this 2015 GranTurismo (ZAM45VLA6F0129188) avoid spending nearly $50,000 on a car that was destroyed beyond recognition, then sold for just $18,100, and finally dolled up to fool its future owner.

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