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Find window sticker (Monroney label) for your car by VIN

What is a Window Sticker?

Also called as a Monroney Label. It's a mandatory label attached to all new cars in the United States, displaying crucial details like:
  • Original MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price): Know the car's true starting value.
  • Standard and Optional Equipment: Discover every feature your car boasts, from essential specs to luxurious upgrades.
  • Fuel Economy Ratings: Gain insight into your car's efficiency.
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): This unique code unlocks a wealth of information about your car's history and specifications.
Window Stickers

How does it look like?

Overall, the design of a window sticker can vary slightly depending on the manufacturer and model year, but the general layout and information it contains will be similar.
alfa-romeo window stickeraudi window stickercadillac window stickerchrysler window stickerford window stickerhyundai window stickerkia window stickerlexus window stickermitsubishi window stickernissan window stickerram window stickersubaru window stickervolvo window stickervw window sticker
To give you a better idea what window sticker could contain, here is the list of sample vehicles:

Beyond MSRP: A Treasure Trove of Valuable Information

While knowing the original MSRP is valuable, the window sticker offers a wealth of additional insights:
  • Uncover Hidden Gems: Discover factory-installed options you might not even know you have, like a premium sound system or sunroof.
  • Verify Authenticity: Ensure the car's features match the seller's claims, avoiding potential misrepresentation.
  • Identify Recalls: Check if your car has any outstanding safety recalls, ensuring timely repairs for optimal performance and peace of mind.
  • Boost Resale Value: Showcase your car's unique specifications and original value to potential buyers, attracting premium offers.

Empowering Decisions Across Your Car's Journey

Whether you're buying, selling, or simply owning your car, the window sticker serves as a valuable asset:
  • Negotiate with Confidence: Armed with the original MSRP and feature list, you can negotiate a fair price with informed arguments.
  • Maximize Service Efficiency: Share the window sticker with service providers for accurate parts identification and proper maintenance.
  • Personalize Your Ownership: Gain a deeper understanding of your car's capabilities and features, enhancing your driving experience.
  • Protect Your Investment: Maintain a complete vehicle history, adding value and safeguarding your investment over time.

Unlock the Secrets Within: Your VIN Holds the Key

Don't let your car's unique story remain hidden. By entering your VIN and using our secure lookup service, you'll gain instant access to:
  • A Comprehensive Report: Detailed information on your car's original specifications, equipment, and history.
  • Printable Format: Save and share the report for future reference or documentation.
  • Fast and Easy Process: Our intuitive interface makes retrieving your window sticker a breeze.
  • Affordable Service: Gain valuable insights without breaking the bank.
Ready to unlock the full potential of your car ownership? Enter your VIN below and embark on a journey of discovery!

Testimonials from our customers

The badvin window sticker showed that a used Porsche 911 I was looking at had an ultra rare 100L fuel tank option! Seller had no clue. Helped justify paying a bit more for such a unique find.
For a used 2018 lexus rx350 i wanted, i was able to uncover the original window sticker super quickly thru BadVin - impressed it had that on a relatively new car. way more detail than the specs on the dealer site. ended up negotiating them down $500 cuz it didnt have some options they claimed!
I import Mercedes and BMWs from the US to Ireland. BadVIN's window stickers let me verify the original specs and MSRP, which helps a ton with customs and pricing. Such a valuable tool for importers.
seller insisted their 2020 ford f150 had every option and wanted thousands over MSRP. I ran the vin on badvin and pulled the window sticker - proved it was just the base model! told the seller to pound sand.
Frequently asked questions
Window stickers for luxury vehicle models often include unique information such as high-end options, advanced technological features, and premium materials, reflecting the upscale positioning of these vehicles.
Yes, by law, all new vehicle vehicles are required to display a Monroney label to provide clear pricing and feature information to consumers.
The parts content information on a window sticker shows the percentage of vehicle components sourced from specific countries, important for consumers interested in the origin of their vehicle's parts.
Yes, the Monroney label typically lists the exterior color and interior options of the vehicle, providing buyers with specifics about the vehicle’s appearance and styling.
You can educate yourself about reading and understanding window stickers by researching online resources, asking questions at dealerships, or consulting automotive buying guides that explain the elements of the label.
To ensure the vehicle meets environmental standards, look for emissions ratings and fuel economy data on the window sticker, which indicate compliance with environmental regulations.
The window sticker is important for new car buyers as it ensures transparency about the vehicle's origins, features, and costs, helping consumers make informed decisions.
A used car might not have a window sticker because it is only legally required on new vehicles; once the vehicle is sold initially, the label might be removed or lost.
Safety ratings on the Monroney label include crash test results from agencies like the NHTSA and IIHS, providing an assessment of the vehicle's safety.
Regulatory changes can affect what is included on future Monroney labels, particularly as governments implement new requirements for transparency in vehicle pricing, fuel efficiency, and safety.
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