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Remove a vehicle from BADVIN

Periodically people ask us to remove pages with information about some specific VIN.
This page allows you to send us a request and process it automatically.

Why would you want to remove info about some VIN?

People may have completely different reasons to request VIN removal from our website.
As an example, owners want to remove price history to be able to ask more competitive price.
Sometimes, car could had some damages in the past and then thoroughly fixed, and old pictures might confuse buyers.
Also, there are people who just don't want to have any info about their vehicle in the Internet.

How soon will it be deleted?

As soon as you fill out the form. Our system will process your order and automatically remove all the pages about the vehicle and all the photos from our servers.
Please keep in mind that Google Images have cache meaning that the pictures will be available in their search for some time even after we deleted it on our end.
Usually it's getting deleted from their results within a few days. Unfortunately, we cannot make it faster, it's up to Google.
Please enter VIN you would like to remove below.
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