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Porsche 911 GT3 Crashed And Sold With A Rolled Back Odometer

published 2021-09-29
by Jimmy Hood

In 2006 Porsche released its 911 GT3 on the public and it was a proper monster on the road. The 2007 911 is a fast car, to begin with, but the GT3 variant can reach 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds. It’s also capable of achieving nearly 190 miles per hour when piloted by a skillful driver. Sadly the focus of our story today doesn’t involve a competent driver so much as one that destroyed one of the ultra-rare sports cars. What’s worse though is that after said destruction it was rebuilt and then had its odometer rolled back so far that it couldn’t help but look like a true steal of a deal to the unsuspecting victim of this scam who shipped it back across the Atlantic. Let’s take a deep dive into the history of a deeply problematic Porsche. 

When this 911 was brand spanking new it was a shining example of what makes Porsche special. The car is a sleek and subtle silver color that’s only flashy to those who know what it is. There’s no need for a shouty exhaust or verbose styling, this thing is all about substance. The first owner picks the car up in New York with just 15 miles on the clock. They drive the GT3 for some two years before it changes hands and ends up in North Carolina. 

Now with some 2,800 miles on the clock, the car has clearly been babied for the first few years of its life. In those first years, it drives less than 1,000 miles on average each year. The second owner is nothing like the first one though. This person seems to use the 911 for anything and everything they can racking up some 10,300 miles on average each year, further proving that Porsche is one of the most reliable sports cars on the market today. At the end of their ownership experience, the car now has some 62,852 miles on it according to BADVIN records. It’s that reliability and reputation for delivering exceptional driving experiences each day that led someone to take advantage of the situation when things went sideways for this GT3. 

As the third owner comes into the picture all things seem on the up and up for quite a while. The car is now regularly serviced at Paramount Porsche of Hickory, NC until January of 2016. On the 31st of that month, the car is in a bad accident involving a ditch and a tree sadly. BADVIN records that along with the fact that it wasn’t deemed a total loss for 5 months after the incident. 

The first glimpse we get at the car is only after that when it would seem that much of the damage has been addressed. Nevertheless, it’s clear that at some point it simply became too much to try and repair and was totaled by the insurance company. The damage to the front of the vehicle is light and since the airbag never deployed it’s not as extensive as it could’ve been. The problem is found as we go to the rear of the vehicle where the mighty 3.6-liter flat-six engine is housed. 

The bumper is ripped clean off of the passenger side exposing the damage done underneath the sheet metal and plastic. There we see the rear wheel has been crushed inward towards the transmission and engine. That doesn’t stop the car from running according to the insurance group.

With 78,124 miles now on the odometer though it’s an extremely expensive proposition to repair the car back to its original condition. The bumper alone costs more than $3,000 for the genuine article and that’s before paint and installation. The finale of this story is where it gets completely wild. 

After many months of sitting around the auction site, the Porsche ends up being moved from North Carolina all the way across the United States to California. In California, the car is titled as a salvage vehicle that’s been “Certified Rebuilt”. Interestingly enough it’s also said to only have a history of damage to the front of the vehicle and that’s important because when it goes up on the auction block the front damage from the wreck doesn’t look like it’s been touched at all. Well, one thing near the front has been worked on, the odometer. It’s now set to just 21,752 and claimed as “Actual Mileage” in the listing.

Not only has the responsible party title washed the car to make it seem as though it’s only had a minor accident in the far less mechanically vital frontal area, but they’ve rolled back half a century of mileage from the sports car. At 21,752 miles this car would be worth over $120,000 today. That’s more than the original MSRP of $106,000. They’ve become that desirable in the market today and this one was snatched up for $40,000 despite its shoddy past. 

What’s most fascinating about the car is that its record ends shortly thereafter because BADVIN only keeps records on cars here in the United States and this Porsche no longer lives here. It was bought and shipped across the Atlantic ocean to the Netherlands. While we can’t be sure that the person who paid $40,000 for it was the same one that exported it, it does seem likely that they were only willing to spend so much on it because of the misrepresented history of the highly valuable sports car. 

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