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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a report?

Right above this text you may see search input. Just put your VIN there, click search and see, what information do we have.

Why information is blurred?

The blurred strings and photos will become clear after your get Basic Report or Premium Report.

Important thing about BADVIN is that you see that we actually have about VIN before you purchase anything.

After you get a Basic Report, there will be no new information on the page. How does it work?

What is Report Balance?

It's more efficient to get reports in bulk. So, if you purchase more than 1 Report, we put it on your account balance. Later you can use your account balance to get a report instead of your credit card.

Reports on your balance expire after 1 year after purchase.

I cannot see auction record about VIN but I know that it was on auction. Why?

Every day we receive data about hundreds of thousands cars from dozens of active contributors.

But unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we catch every single vehicle when it's on sale in the world.

Main rule about any VIN report you find in Internet: if you see some record, then that event 100% occurred. But if you cannot find a record about an accident or auction sale or any other event, it doesn't mean that there was no such event.

I see that car was sold on auction in Premium Report but there is no sale record on BADVIN. Why?

It means that the sale was reported by 3rd party company, not by BADVIN. Maybe we've missed that sale, maybe it was a long time ago when BADVIN wasn't working on full power.

What's the difference between auctions and classifieds?

There are two main types of car sale websites.

Auctions are usually only for dealerships. Some of them allow to buy cars without a special license, but usually it's required to make bids and participate. If we display some price on auction, then it's usually a highest bid or a final price.

Please, keep in mind that usually the price that you see on BADVIN doesn't include auction fees, delivery and other expenses that dealer pay after winning a car. It depends on many aspects and could be up to 5-10% of the winning bid.

Example: car was sold on auction for $7,000 and then you see it on some website for $10,000. You may think that there is $3,000 profit but usually it's much less because auction fees for a dealer who bought it could be up to $1,500-2,000.

Classifieds are basically websites where anybody can make a post about selling a car. A seller could be a dealership or a private person. When you see classified's price on BADVIN, that means that this was a price that seller wanted for the car. It doesn't mean that the car was sold for that price, but it may give you very useful insights.

Why do I see no photos or sale information in my Premium Report?

Premium Reports contain only text and numbers.

Basic Reports contain information about sales and photos from it.

When you get Premium Report, you get Basic Report automatically.

I bought a report for one VIN, but have received for another VIN.

Technically it's not possible. There could be a human factor, it's not that hard to make a mistake in VIN.

Before you get any report, we always show you final VIN one more time. Please, be careful.

Why do I see no photos in my Basic Report?

Sometimes we have information about a sale, but there are no photos available. It happens pretty rare, but it possible due to technical reasons.

Before you get any Basic Report, you are able to see what information do we have. Also, if there are no photos for VIN, we have extra notice on purchase page.

Why there is no sale price in my Basic Report?

Same thing as with photos. Sometimes it's not possible to catch the price. It happens due to technical difficulties and some websites nuances.

What if I need to check a lot of cars?

We have dealer memberships available with unlimited access to Basic or Premium Reports.

Check out more on pricing page.

How long can I access my report?

After you've got a report you have 1 month to access it anytime you want.

After that period of time you will have to get the report once again to see updated information.

How can I access my account?

An account on BADVIN is created automatically when you get any report from us.

If you don’t have a password, just use 'Forgot Password' feature, get a password and log in.

Then you will be able to use your account balance to get new reports and see list of all your reports.

Can I share my account with friends?

Nope, each account can be used only by one person.

We do enforce it by using machine learning and sophisticated algorithms to detect that one account is being used by many people in different places.

In case of detection we may BAN your account permanently.

Where all the data come from?

All information about vehicles come from people that kindly monitor Internet for us. They are a part of our Contributors Program and they submit new vehicles to BADVIN every hour.

I have more questions!

Feel free to reach us using chat widget.

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