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Free CADILLAC VIN Lookup & Decoder

Before buying a used Cadillac, decode the vehicle identification number (VIN) to uncover important details about the car. The VIN is a unique 17-digit code that holds crucial information about the vehicle's history, features, and potential issues. Checking the VIN gives you peace of mind and helps you make an informed decision when purchasing a pre-owned luxury vehicle.

Quick Facts about CADILLAC

Founded:1902 in Detroit, Michigan
Vehicles sold in 2021:118,310 in the United States
Best selling model:Escalade full-size luxury SUV
Parent company:General Motors (GM)
Largest market:🇺🇸 United States
Origin:🇺🇸 United States
Cadillac is a renowned American luxury vehicle brand that has been setting the standard for sophistication and innovation since 1902. Known for iconic models like the Escalade, CTS, and XT5, Cadillac combines cutting-edge technology with bold design and premium craftsmanship. In 2021, Cadillac sold over 118,000 vehicles in the United States alone, cementing its position as a leader in the luxury automotive market.

How to Decode CADILLAC VIN

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number, a unique code that serves to identify and differentiate vehicles. Below you will see a table with a complete breakdown how to decode VIN numbers.
14Indicates the country where the vehicle was manufactured (1 - United States)
2-3HGIdentifies the vehicle manufacturer (F - Ford Inc.)
4-8CM826Specifies the vehicle's brand, engine size, and type
93Vehicle Security Code
102Indicates the model year of the vehicle
11ADenotes the plant where the vehicle was assembled
12-17005243Serial number of the vehicle
VIN breakdown

3 Essential Reasons to Check the VIN When Buying a Used Cadillac

Recall Awareness
With over 100,000 Cadillacs sold annually in the U.S., up to 20% may be subject to safety recalls. A VIN check reveals open recalls that need to be addressed.
Hidden Damage
Luxury vehicles like Cadillacs are often targets for theft and fraud. Decoding the VIN exposes any past accident damage or title issues.
Service History
Cadillacs require meticulous maintenance to perform their best. A VIN check provides detailed service records, ensuring the car has been properly cared for.


First Character: Manufacturing Country

The first character of the VIN indicates the country where the vehicle was manufactured. For Cadillacs, "1", "4", or "5" is used for vehicles built in the USA.

Second Character: Manufacturer

The second character of the VIN represents the manufacturer. For Cadillacs, you will find a "G" in this position, indicating General Motors.

Third Character: Division

The third character of the VIN represents the internal division that built the vehicle, which is not directly tied to the brand. Cadillacs usually have a "6" or "Y" in this position.

Fourth and Fifth Characters: Model and Trim

The fourth and fifth characters of the VIN indicate the model, trim, and drive system of the vehicle. For example, a "1M" represents an XTS Luxury with front-wheel drive, while a "1N" represents the same car with all-wheel drive. The higher the second character is alphabetically, the more equipment the vehicle has.
A1CTS V-series
BFleetwood Brougham
CD or CTDeVille
EL or ETEldorado
KDDeVille or CT6 3.6L Luxury
KEDeVille or CT6 3.0TT Luxury
KS and KYSeville
VRAllante or Catera

Sixth Character: Body Type

The sixth character of the VIN represents the body type of the vehicle.
CodeBody Type
2Two door sedan
3Two door convertible
5Four door sedan
6Four door hatchback
85 door wagon or hatchback

Seventh Character: Safety Equipment

The seventh character of the VIN indicates the safety equipment installed in the vehicle.
CodeSafety Equipment
1Seat belts only
2Dual front airbags
3Driver's airbag
4Front and side airbags
5Dual front airbags and side airbags on driver's side only
6Front and side airbags with passenger occupancy sensor
7Front and side airbags with side airbags for front and rear seats

Eighth Character: Engine

The eighth character of the VIN represents the engine of the vehicle. Here is a list of common Cadillac engines and their corresponding order codes.
13.8L V6 (L67)
33.6L V6 (LFX)
63.0L V6 Turbo (LGW) or 6.2L V8 (LT4)
83.6L V6 Turbo (LF3)
94.6L V8 (L37)
A2.5L L4 (LCV)
C4.0L V8 (L47)
E5.0L V8 (LX5 or LG4)
F5.0L V8 (LB9)
G5.7L V8 (LS1)
H5.0L V8 (LX5 or LG4)
J3.1L V6 (LG8)
K3.8L V6 (L36)
M2.6L V6 (LY9)
N3.2L V6 (LA3)
P5.7L V8 (LS6)
R3.0L V6 (L81)
S3.6L V6 (LGX,) 5.7L V8 (LS6,) or V6 2.8L (LB8)
T2.4L L4 (LD9)
U6.0L V8 (LS2)
W4.3L (L6)
X2.0L Turbo (LTG)
Y3.6L V6 Turbo (LT4) or 4.6 L V8 (LD8)

Ninth Character: Check Digit

The ninth character of the VIN is a check digit, which is a number or letter generated by a mathematical formula. Data entry programs use this formula to determine if the VIN was entered correctly.

Tenth Character: Model Year

The tenth character of the VIN represents the model year of the vehicle. Model years are the same for all vehicles, regardless of the brand. This character alternates between numbers 1-9 (last used in the 2000s) and letters.

Eleventh Character: Assembly Plant

The eleventh character of the VIN indicates the assembly plant where the vehicle was built. Most Cadillacs are built in one of six plants.
CodeAssembly Plant
0Lansing, MI
4Orion, MI
7Lordstown, OH
5Bowling Green, KY
FFairfax, KS
UDetroit, MI

Remaining Characters: Serial Number

The remaining characters of the VIN make up the vehicle's serial number. Since there are only six digits for the serial number, numbers are reused. However, no two models will have an identical VIN, even if they share serial numbers.

CADILLAC VIN Decoder Examples

Here are a few examples of CADILLAC VIN numbers, and how decoding them can reveal basic information. You can also uncover a wealth of detailed information, including previous sales photos, odometer reports, salvage status, recalls, and much more in the detailed BADVIN vehicle history reports.
1GYEE637660112937 — 2006 CADILLAC SRX (Blue, Automatic, Gasoline, 3.6L V6 FI F, Rear Wheel Drive, 6 Cyl)
1G6DP567150143645 — 2005 CADILLAC CTS (White, Automatic, Gasoline, 3.6L V6 FI F, Rear Wheel Drive, 6 Cyl)
1GYS4CKJ2GR466226 — 2016 CADILLAC ESCALADE (Black, Automatic, Gasoline, 6.2L V8 FI OHV 16V NF2, Four Wheel Drive, 8 Cyl)
1G6AH5RX1G0115178 — 2016 CADILLAC ATS (Black, Automatic, Gasoline, 2.0L I4 FI DOHC 16V NF4, All-Wheel Drive, 4 Cyl)
1G6KD57Y77U135617 — 2007 CADILLAC DTS (Silver, Unknown, Gasoline, 4.6L V8 FI F, Front Wheel Drive, 8 Cyl)
1G6DP577570155167 — 2007 CADILLAC CTS (Gold, Automatic, Gasoline, 3.6L V6 FI F, Rear Wheel Drive, 6 Cyl)
1G6DM56TX50190260 — 2005 CADILLAC CTS (Light Blue, Automatic, Gasoline, 2.8L V6 FI F, Rear Wheel Drive, 6 Cyl)
1G6KD54Y75U217137 — 2005 CADILLAC DEVILLE (Black, Automatic, Gasoline, 4.6L V8 FI DOHC F, Front Wheel Drive, 8 Cyl)
3GYFNAE3XFS628129 — 2015 CADILLAC SRX (Black, Automatic, Other, , , )
1GYEK63N82R295853 — 2002 CADILLAC ESCALADE (Black, Automatic, Gasoline, 6.0L V8 FI F, All-Wheel Drive, 8 Cyl)
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estaba buscando especificaciones para un Toyota RAV4 2018 usado. badvin fue el único servicio que proporcionó todo, hasta los detalles del equipo. muy útil para comparar diferentes listados
Overall I like the vin decoder from bad vin. gives you all the key specs & trim details. Only complaint is it didnt have info on a few older cars I looked up, like an 87 CRX. but for most vehicles its quite handy
I find Bad VIN's interface very user-friendly and the info provided in the vin decode is truly comprehensive, including detailed specs, equipment, and even market value estimates. An excellent resource.
I was trying to find info on a rare old Lada but couldn't find the details anywhere. Badvin had all the data, even for this obscure model! So glad I found this service, it really helped with my project.
Frequently asked questions
The 'country of origin' in a VIN, indicated by the first one to three characters, tells you where the vehicle was built, which could influence parts availability and design standards.
A VIN decoder translates the 17-character Vehicle Identification Number into understandable information about the vehicle's specifications and history.
You can find your vehicle's VIN on the dashboard on the driver's side, visible through the windshield, and on your vehicle's registration documents.
Yes, it is generally safe to share your VIN online for decoding, as the VIN is a public figure and does not contain sensitive personal information.
VIN decoders are generally accurate in providing fuel type information for CADILLAC vehicles as this is a standard detail encoded in the VIN.
Yes, in many cases, you can determine the type of drivetrain a CADILLAC has from its VIN if the manufacturer encodes this information within the VIN.
The last six digits of a VIN are the vehicle's unique serial number, which identifies the specific unit among others from the same model and production line.
A VIN plays a crucial role in vehicle recalls for CADILLAC by helping identify specific vehicles affected by manufacturing issues, ensuring that recall notices are sent to the correct owners.
For importing or exporting CADILLAC vehicles, the VIN is crucial for compliance with international regulations, ensuring the vehicle meets safety, emission, and manufacturing standards of the importing country.
Yes, VIN decoding can help in legal situations by providing verified vehicle information, which can be crucial in cases of theft, accidents, or disputes over vehicle identity.
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$91,820 MSRP
$43,278 average used price
48,600+ sales records
$59,370 MSRP
$34,702 average used price
56,800+ sales records
$49,583 MSRP
$31,845 average used price
27,100+ sales records
$52,955 MSRP
$33,656 average used price
34,300+ sales records
$52,955 MSRP
$34,673 average used price
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$59,370 MSRP
$56,794 average used price
1,300+ sales records
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