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Free RAM VIN Lookup & Decoder

A VIN decoder is a vital tool for anyone looking to purchase a RAM vehicle. It helps decode the Vehicle Identification Number, offering insights into the vehicle’s specifications, history, and authenticity. Understanding the VIN before buying a RAM can help identify any potential issues, confirm details provided by the seller, and ensure the vehicle meets safety standards.

Quick Facts about RAM

Founded in:2010
Annual Sales:633,694 vehicles
Best Selling Model:RAM 1500
Market Capitalization:Part of Stellantis
Largest Market:🇺🇸 United States
Country of Origin:🇺🇸 United States
RAM, known for its rugged and durable trucks, caters to those who need reliable and powerful performance. Since becoming a standalone division under the Stellantis group, RAM has focused exclusively on making full-size and heavy-duty pickup trucks. Popular models like the RAM 1500, RAM 2500, and RAM 3500 are acclaimed for their towing capacity, luxury interiors, and strong engines. RAM continues to innovate with features aimed at enhancing both functionality and driver comfort, securing its place in the competitive truck market.

How to Decode RAM VIN

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number, a unique code that serves to identify and differentiate vehicles. Below you will see a table with a complete breakdown how to decode VIN numbers.
14Indicates the country where the vehicle was manufactured (1 - United States)
2-3HGIdentifies the vehicle manufacturer (F - Ford Inc.)
4-8CM826Specifies the vehicle's brand, engine size, and type
93Vehicle Security Code
102Indicates the model year of the vehicle
11ADenotes the plant where the vehicle was assembled
12-17005243Serial number of the vehicle
VIN breakdown

Crucial Reasons to Check a RAM's VIN

Safety and Recall History
With annual sales reaching 633,694, a VIN check can uncover if the RAM has been subject to safety recalls, affecting between 2% to 7% of vehicles, essential for ensuring your potential purchase is safe.
Verification of Truck's History
A VIN check verifies the RAM’s service records, previous ownership, and accident history, ensuring that the truck has been maintained well and is in good condition.
Fraud Prevention
Checking the VIN helps ensure the vehicle is not stolen or cloned, which is particularly crucial for high-value models like RAM trucks, safeguarding your investment from potential fraud.


World Make Identifier (WMI)

The initial three digits of the VIN reveal the vehicle's manufacturing location. '1', '4', or '5' signify the United States, '2' stands for Canada, and '3' for Mexico. European vehicles use 'S' through 'Z'. The second character indicates the manufacturer, such as 'B' or 'D' for Fiat Chrysler, and 'C' or 'D' for Daimler Chrysler, with 'C' also used by Steyr. The last character generally refers to the manufacturing plant, but the 11th digit provides more precise location information.

Safety System Codes

The fourth digit in the VIN specifies the type of safety equipment installed in the vehicle.
EDriver and passenger airbags
J, KMultistage air bags
H, LFront and side curtain airbags

Model Identification

The fifth digit of the VIN identifies the model of the vehicle.
ARam 2WD light duty
BDurango 4WD
DDurango 2WD
EDakota 2WD
L, RRam 2WD heavy duty
NChassis cab 2WD
S, XRam 4WD heavy duty
WDakota 4WD

Equipment Level

The sixth position in the VIN reveals the equipment level of the vehicle.
NHigh line

Body Type Specification

The seventh digit indicates the body type of the vehicle.
CodeBody Type

Engine Specifications

The eighth digit of the VIN specifies the engine type installed in the vehicle.
G3.5l V6
H5.7l HEMI V8
Z8.3L V10
D3.0l turbo diesel

Check Digit Validation

The ninth digit serves as a check digit to verify the accuracy of the VIN through a specific formula.

Model Year Identification

The tenth digit in the VIN represents the model year, cycling between letters and numbers, avoiding 'O', 'Z', and 'I' for clarity.

Assembly Plant Codes

The 11th character in the VIN pinpoints the specific manufacturing facility of the vehicle.
AAuburn Hills, Michigan
JSt. Louis, Missouri
SDodge City, Warren, Michigan
DBelvidere, Illinois
TToluca, Mexico
XOsnabrueck, Germany
YSteyr, Austria

Serial Number

Digits 12 to 17 represent the serial number, which is frequently reused but remains unique for each vehicle to ensure no two vehicles share the same VIN.

RAM VIN Decoder Examples

Here are a few examples of RAM VIN numbers, and how decoding them can reveal basic information. You can also uncover a wealth of detailed information, including previous sales photos, odometer reports, salvage status, recalls, and much more in the detailed BADVIN vehicle history reports.
1C6RR6GG9GS164355 — 2016 RAM 1500 (CREW PIC, SILVER, AUTOMATIC, 3.6L 6, Rear-wheel drive, FLEXIBLE FUEL)
1C6RR7TT1JS222183 — 2018 RAM 1500 (Silver, Automatic, Gasoline, 5.7L V8 FI OHV 16V NF2, Four Wheel Drive, 8 Cyl)
1C6RR6GG7FS674606 — 2015 RAM 1500 (Gray, Automatic, Flexible Fuel, 3.6L V6 FI DOHC 24V NF4, Rear Wheel Drive, 6 Cyl)
3C63RPGL4GG312797 — 2016 RAM 3500 (Black, Unknown, Diesel, 6.7L I6 FI OHV 24V NF4, Rear Wheel Drive, 6 Cyl)
1C6RR7FTXES207702 — 2014 RAM 1500 (Gray, Automatic, Gasoline, 5.7L V8 FI OHV 16V NF2, Four Wheel Drive, 8 Cyl)
1C6RR6FT6ES337387 — 2014 RAM 1500 (Silver, Automatic, Gasoline, 5.7L V8 FI OHV 16V NF2, Rear Wheel Drive, 8 Cyl)
1C6RR6GTXES477960 — 2014 RAM 1500 (White, Automatic, Gasoline, 5.7L V8 FI OHV 16V NF2, Rear Wheel Drive, 8 Cyl)
1C6RR6GT5ES255312 — 2014 RAM 1500 (Tan, Automatic, Gasoline, 5.7L V8 FI OHV 16V NF2, Rear Wheel Drive, 8 Cyl)
1C6RR6KT3FS664143 — 2015 RAM 1500 (Gray, Automatic, Gasoline, 5.7L V8 FI OHV 16V NF2, Rear Wheel Drive, 8 Cyl)
1C6RR6LT8HS536353 — 2017 RAM 1500 (Crew Cab Pickup, Black, Diesel Gray, 8-Speed Automatic, 5.7L V8 16V MPFI OHV, Gasoline, RWD, )
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estaba buscando especificaciones para un Toyota RAV4 2018 usado. badvin fue el único servicio que proporcionó todo, hasta los detalles del equipo. muy útil para comparar diferentes listados
Used the BadVin VIN decoder to quickly verify the specs on a classic Camaro I was thinking of buying. Way easier than digging through old manuals and gave me the confidence to go through with the purchase.
I recently used Bad VIN to look up a used 2015 Toyota Camry I was considering purchasing. The VIN decoder provided an impressive level of detail about the vehicle's specs, features and equipment. Definitely recommend it.
I know it's meant for car shopping but I love Bad Vin's decoder for looking up specs on classic muscle cars. Was able to get detailed info on engine, tranny and original paint color for a '69 Camaro - waaay easier than digging thru old manuals. Sweet!
Frequently asked questions
VIN decoding does not directly reveal maintenance history; however, it can identify the vehicle model and year, which you can use to access maintenance records through service databases with the VIN.
While a VIN decoder can provide the model year that can suggest warranty status, verifying the actual warranty status usually requires direct contact with the manufacturer or dealer.
VIN decoding assists in insurance processes by providing accurate vehicle identification, which is crucial for policy creation, risk assessment, and claim processing.
Regularly checking your vehicle's VIN for updated information, such as recall or service updates, is advisable, especially after announcements of new safety issues.
The 'country of origin' in a VIN, indicated by the first one to three characters, tells you where the vehicle was built, which could influence parts availability and design standards.
The 9th character in a VIN is the check digit, which is used to verify the authenticity of the VIN itself through a specific calculation.
A VIN decoder reveals the vehicle's trim level by decoding specific characters of the VIN that relate to the vehicle's series and equipment levels.
A VIN decoder can help verify the authenticity of RAM parts by matching them with the vehicle's original specifications listed under its VIN.
Yes, in many cases, you can determine the type of drivetrain a RAM has from its VIN if the manufacturer encodes this information within the VIN.
By entering the VIN into a VIN decoder, you can check if there are any recalls specific to that RAM vehicle model and year based on its unique history.
RAM in Vehicles Catalog
680+ sales records
2020 RAM 1500
$59,235 MSRP
$34,597 average used price
401,800+ sales records
2021 RAM 2500
$68,505 MSRP
$47,293 average used price
82,900+ sales records
2021 RAM 3500
$74,991 MSRP
$55,733 average used price
37,300+ sales records
2022 RAM 3500
$74,991 MSRP
$62,000 average used price
34,700+ sales records
2023 RAM 1500
$59,235 MSRP
$51,477 average used price
11,300+ sales records
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