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Free KIA VIN Lookup & Decoder

Before buying a used Kia, it's crucial to decode the vehicle identification number (VIN). The VIN is a unique 17-digit code that provides essential information about the car's history, specifications, and potential red flags. Checking the VIN gives you peace of mind and helps you make a smart decision when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle.

Quick Facts about KIA

Founded:1944 in Seoul, South Korea
Vehicles sold in 2021:701,416 in the United States
Best selling model:Forte compact car
Market capitalization (as of 2021):$21.4 billion
Largest market:🇺🇸 United States
Origin:🇰🇷 South Korea
Kia is a South Korean automaker that has been delivering stylish, reliable, and value-packed vehicles since 1944. Known for its sleek designs, advanced technology, and industry-leading warranty programs, Kia has become a top choice among car buyers worldwide. Some of Kia's most popular models include the Forte, Optima, Sportage, and Telluride. In 2021, Kia sold over 701,000 vehicles in the United States.

How to Decode KIA VIN

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number, a unique code that serves to identify and differentiate vehicles. Below you will see a table with a complete breakdown how to decode VIN numbers.
14Indicates the country where the vehicle was manufactured (1 - United States)
2-3HGIdentifies the vehicle manufacturer (F - Ford Inc.)
4-8CM826Specifies the vehicle's brand, engine size, and type
93Vehicle Security Code
102Indicates the model year of the vehicle
11ADenotes the plant where the vehicle was assembled
12-17005243Serial number of the vehicle
VIN breakdown

3 Key Reasons to Check the VIN When Buying a Used Kia

Safety Recalls
With over 701,000 Kias sold annually in the U.S., up to 15% may have unresolved safety recalls. A VIN check identifies any open recalls.
Accident History
Decoding the VIN reveals if a used Kia has been in accidents or sustained damage, helping you avoid potential issues and costly repairs.
Warranty Coverage
Kia offers industry-leading warranties. A VIN check confirms the original warranty details and remaining coverage, providing added peace of mind.


World Make Identifier (WMI)

The first three digits of the VIN identify the country, manufacturer, and manufacturing location. The first two digits indicate the country and division, while the third digit represents the specific manufacturing location.
5X and 5XKia Motors Manufacturing Georgia
KM and KNHyundai/Kia Korea


Digits 4 and 5 of the VIN represent the vehicle model. Here are a few examples of codes for popular Kia models.
FA, FBSephia and Spectra
GD, GM, GNOptima
JA, JB, JE, KH, PB, PCSportage
JC, KUSorento
JG, JTSoul

Body Type

Digits 6 and 7 of the VIN indicate the body type of the vehicle.
CodeBody Type
22, 42, 46, 81, 83Sedan
23, 33Three door hatchback
24, 34, 41, 44, 5L5 door hatchback
31, 35, 45, 47Two door coupe
32Four door coupe
43Station wagon
52Four door SUV
625 door van
71, 73Four door MPV


The 8th digit of the VIN represents the engine. Each model has its own engine designations, and some models have up to 9 options, depending on displacement, technology, and emissions. A VIN search tool can provide information on the specific engine installed in the vehicle.


The 9th digit of the VIN indicates the transmission type. These are the most common transmission codes.
1, 2, 55 speed manual
23 speed automatic
34 speed automatic

Model Year

The 10th digit of the VIN represents the model year. Model year designations are standard across all models, regardless of make. This alternates between numbers 1-9, last used between 2001 and 2009, and letters, excluding characters that could be confused with numbers. "P" is used for 1993 models, the first Kias sold in the U.S., as well as 2023 models.

Assembly Plant

The 11th digit of the VIN indicates the factory where the vehicle was built. These codes are used for Korean-built Kias.
7, TKorea
5, AHwa-Sung
6, SSohari

Serial Number

Digits 12 through 17 of the VIN are used for the vehicle's serial number. While all vehicles are required to use these digits for the serial number, the format they use is not standardized. Serial numbers may be reused, but a complete VIN will always be unique to each vehicle.

KIA VIN Decoder Examples

Here are a few examples of KIA VIN numbers, and how decoding them can reveal basic information. You can also uncover a wealth of detailed information, including previous sales photos, odometer reports, salvage status, recalls, and much more in the detailed BADVIN vehicle history reports.
5XXGM4A76FG477464 — 2015 KIA OPTIMA (Blue, Automatic, Gasoline, 2.4L I4 FI DOHC 16V NF4, Front Wheel Drive, 4 Cyl)
KNDMG4C70C6461035 — 2012 KIA SEDONA (Silver, Automatic, Gasoline, , Front Wheel Drive, 6 Cyl)
KNAFX5A86E5196282 — 2014 KIA FORTE (White, Automatic, Gasoline, 2.0L I4 FI DOHC 16V NF4, Front Wheel Drive, 4 Cyl)
5XXGM4A78DG143210 — 2013 KIA OPTIMA (White, Automatic, Gasoline, 2.4L I4 FI DOHC 16V NF4, Front Wheel Drive, 4 Cyl)
5XXGT4L32JG223093 — 2018 KIA OPTIMA (White, Automatic, Gasoline, 2.4L I4 FI DOHC 24V NF4, Front Wheel Drive, 4 Cyl)
KNDJT2A2XB7299773 — 2011 KIA SOUL (Gray, Automatic, Gasoline, 2.0L I4 FI DOHC 16V NF4, Front Wheel Drive, 4 Cyl)
KNAFE221295586484 — 2009 KIA SPECTRA (Silver, Automatic, Gasoline, 2.0L I4 FI DOHC 16V NF4, Front Wheel Drive, 4 Cyl)
KNDJE723887473394 — 2008 KIA SPORTAGE (Silver, Automatic, Gasoline, 2.7L V6 FI DOHC 24V F4, Four Wheel Drive, 6 Cyl)
KNAFK4A68E5075146 — 2014 KIA FORTE (White, Automatic, Gasoline, 1.8L I4 FI DOHC 16V NF4, Front Wheel Drive, 4 Cyl)
5XXGM4A71DG187694 — 2013 KIA OPTIMA (Maroon, Automatic, Gasoline, 2.4L I4 FI DOHC 16V NF4, Front Wheel Drive, 4 Cyl)
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Testimonials from our customers

estaba buscando especificaciones para un Toyota RAV4 2018 usado. badvin fue el único servicio que proporcionó todo, hasta los detalles del equipo. muy útil para comparar diferentes listados
I use the VIN decoder to check cars I'm importing from the US to Japan. Way easier than deciphering auction sheets and gives me the accurate specs I need.
Overall I like the vin decoder from bad vin. gives you all the key specs & trim details. Only complaint is it didnt have info on a few older cars I looked up, like an 87 CRX. but for most vehicles its quite handy
Badvin's VIN decoder is handy for quickly getting the basic details on a vehicle. But it didn't find some of the specs on an older Fiat 500 I was researching. Still a decent tool for most cars though.
Frequently asked questions
Yes, VIN decoding can help in legal situations by providing verified vehicle information, which can be crucial in cases of theft, accidents, or disputes over vehicle identity.
Yes, a VIN decoder can help identify if a KIA was previously stolen by accessing a database that records theft and recovery history.
The VIN can provide information about the body style of a KIA, such as whether it is a sedan, coupe, or SUV, based on specific characters in the VIN sequence.
The last six digits of a VIN are the vehicle's unique serial number, which identifies the specific unit among others from the same model and production line.
The manufacturing location can be interpreted from the first character of the VIN, which indicates the country of assembly, and sometimes more specific location details are included in the first few characters.
A VIN decoder can help verify the authenticity of KIA parts by matching them with the vehicle's original specifications listed under its VIN.
Regularly checking your vehicle's VIN for updated information, such as recall or service updates, is advisable, especially after announcements of new safety issues.
A VIN decoder is generally reliable for confirming the transmission type, as this information is encoded within the VIN by most manufacturers.
The 'country of origin' in a VIN, indicated by the first one to three characters, tells you where the vehicle was built, which could influence parts availability and design standards.
A VIN decoder translates the 17-character Vehicle Identification Number into understandable information about the vehicle's specifications and history.
KIA in Vehicles Catalog
2023 KIA EV6
$54,365 MSRP
$36,995 average used price
250+ sales records
$39,999 MSRP
$42,900 average used price
210+ sales records
$27,440 MSRP
$25,998 average used price
4,600+ sales records
2024 KIA EV9
$72,273 MSRP
$61,240 average used price
560+ sales records
$40,720 MSRP
$41,000 average used price
1,900+ sales records
2024 KIA K5
$28,825 MSRP
$30,010 average used price
460+ sales records
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