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I am very happy with my report
I am very happy with my report, all that I need to know, I will use it again.
Quite simply nothing else I've found…
Quite simply nothing else I've found offers anywhere near this much in terms of value for money while also showing you the vehicle itself.
I was looking for more pictures and…
I was looking for more pictures and this website offer that!
Thank you
This is best for auction buyers
This is best for auction Dealers ! I can now get a detailed report for every vehicle I purchase on IAA with ease !

Thank you BadVin
Best VIN Look-Up Tool in the Industry
This is by far the BEST VIN look-up tool in the industry. I have looked at a number of vehicles in the past few months and BADVIN definitely saved me from making some horrible mistakes. Vehicle's that were supposedly "Accident Free" according to AutoCheck in fact had been in collisions and had it not been for BADVIN I probably would have wasted my time and possibly my money on purchasing what potentially would have been a lemon. If you're looking to purchase a used vehicle then do yourself a favor and spend the $10 bucks on the premium report. It will more than likely save you from a ton of grief and certainly a ton of money.
Very helpful website
I recommend.
Excellent customer service
Excellent customer service. Very quick to respond.
I expected to get more information from…
I expected to get more information from the report. I could get exactly the same information from the carfax. I didn't notice any benefit from getting a premium report. I was hoping that I could check the websites where the car is listed, but it is not possible.
Very good service helps me to know my…
Very good service helps me to know my vehicle damages and pictures.
One of the best sites for vin reports…
One of the best sites for vin reports ever
Thanks BADVIN, I was able to get photos from previous sales a couple years ago. It appeared that my potential buy was salvage and had some serious frame damage! At the same time carfax didn't show anything like that. Great value.
My best VIN checking experience ever
My best VIN checking experience ever.
I was in a hurry and seems like I typed the wrong VIN (the website asks to check the VIN for correctness before the payment, but I skipped that step - don't be like me, check it).
So of course I got the report for a different car, not the one I was searching for. I contacted the support team and to be honest I thought I already lost my money and would have to pay more to get the correct VIN report. And here I was surprised. Mike from support solved my issue and sent me the correct VIN report even though it was my fault.
I got a detailed report with tons of pictures and it was even more than I expected from the price I paid.
Highly recommended!!!
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