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BadVin is great because you get to use…the reports over a whole year.
BadVin is great because you get to use your reports over a full year at a very reasonable price. One of the main things I'm looking for is if the vehicle has ever had a salvage title or been a northern car with rust problems.
Was given the wrong report!!
Was given the wrong report!!Second try got the right one but was charged for the wrong one also!!!
Highly recommend BADVIN
I'm delighted to share my experience as a satisfied customer of BADVIN. Their vehicle history reports has been a game-changer for me. The informations provided in the reports are comprehensive and accurate, giving me a clear picture of a vehicle's history before making a purchase. I have used both the Basic and Premium reports, and I must say they are worth every pennies. The Premium Report, in particular, with it's full list of events, DMV odometer readings, and maintenance records, exceeded my expectations. The website is user-friendly, and the search process is quick and easy. Thanks to BADVIN, I have avoided potential scams and saved myself from making costly mistakes. I highly recommend BADVIN to anyone looking to buy a used car and wanting to make an informed decision.
I purchased my Durango in March 2023
I purchased my vehicle in March 2023, the dealership printed a small Monroney sticker. I wanted more information so searched DuckDuckGo and found a Monroney sticker and vehicle history at BadVin. I am very pleased! I was able to print a full size Monroney for my Durango.
I recently purchased a new 2022 Dodge…
I recently purchased a new Dodge Durango GT Plus, in March 2023, it was a 2022 model (still new on the lot), but it didn't have a Monroney sticker. I used a Duck Duck Go and discovered BADVIN. A few clicks later, and $10 bucks, I had a Monroney sticker for my Durango, and it's history. It had been delivered to a Dodge dealership in Georgia, before finding its way to Midland, Texas! BTW, I am happy with the vehicle, it's a keeper.
I was pleasantly surprised!
I was pleasantly surprised to be able to get the information about my new Durango without having to bug the dealer! For ten bucks, I got what I was looking for!
Such a helpful site for researching…
Such a helpful site for researching vehicles.
This info will win my court case!!!!
This gave me some information that i really needed. I printed a car fax report but it didnt give me what this did. Unfortunately i just found out that my car that i bought a little over 2 weeks ago was bought from the car lot that i just got it from. For only $900 and it said that it had a bad motor. Well i paid $6667.38 for the vehicle and im now taking them to court because it has a bad motor. This report will when my case! Be careful about AS IS car lots. But also know that you still have a chance to get your money back. I hope this review helps people. Stay Blessed and humble always! Good luck!
Perfect tool for "OfferUp" buyers
I recently started a side hustle to flip cars I would find on sale on apps such as "Offer-Up". It is very frustrating to not know what is really behind the pictures and description. I am so glad I found "BADVIN" and their services online. With the information I was able to retrieve from their site, I was able to avoid dishonest ads which I would've lost a lot of money on. I will continue to use this service. I especially like the option to see photos of the actual vehicle. It tells a lot about the vehicle's history. I haven't seen any other site compare to "BADVIN"
Gave me wrong truck
Gave me wrong truck. Entered 1 vin number and gave me another truck. Never responded when asked a question on chat.Did eventually respond and I received 1 free report.
Cheaper and better than Car Fax!
As good or better than Car Fax for much cheaper! Love it! This is my second purchase of a 3-pack!
Not really sure how I found you
Not really sure how I found you, but all very good information and a fraction of cost of competitors.
ok if badvin adds accident case numbers it will dominate the industry. Anyone leaving a negative review is just plain stupid. Read these reports, they honestly open doors.
Worth the cost.
Used BadVin on the Porsche Cayman S I recently bought. Very helpful.
Outstanding source!!
The only place that I know I can go to get immediate and up to date info about a VIN. Hands down, the best. Badvin and Orto are the only 2 sources I would happily keep paying for their awesome information. The only 2 apps that I will ever need in my auto info toolbox.
Amazing service
Amazing service. As a person who was looking to purchase a vehicle fro out of state, they helped me find pictures of damage was not looking to disclose. With the type of damage revealed the vehicle should have been priced for next to nothing but lo and behold they would have got away with it as. Mazda/VW of Hamilton I'm talking about you.
During my search for a BMW M5...
...I found BADVIN while doing a search for a BMW M5. They were able to provide wrecked pics of a car I was considering buying that were NOT included in the AD. Shocker, right? Well worth the nominal cost for their service to have avoided a bad buy! Thanks BV!
Muy. Bien
Muy bueno excelente mente biwn
Customer service
Great service
Very 😊
Very happy with service Very fast to get the vehicle report
Excellent service and customer-centric…
Excellent service and customer-centric company. The reports were very informative.
It works fine..
It works fine..
Access to the exact records
Access to the exact records, it appears. And photos, along with auction prices. Awesome!
Super 👍
This is the way very useful for me…
Quick and simple
Quick and simple, supported apple pay and gave me all the info I needed. Have used in the past and will use again!
nice service
nice service
Help me find cars
Help me find cars. I’m from Ukraine
Still waiting for the vehicle…
Still waiting for the vehicle information
Autocheck raised their rates
Autocheck raised their rates, so we went to Carfax. Carfax raised their rates so we looked again.BADVIN.ORG had the most comprehensive information out of all the other sites we checked. They don't have all the information that the other two have, but they do have a combination of information.Their pricing is fantastic and info is quite accurate and up to date. I have no plans on ever going back to the others.We now use BADVIN.ORG exclusively and will definitely be passing their name on. (Just not to my competitors). : )
I Love This Service!
I Love This Service!I use Badvin all the time for my work in investigating car purchases for clients. I find the information to typically be more complete than CarFax or AutoCheck alone--the information tends to be a combination of both of those services. Buying one report is obviously more cost effective than buying two. Also, you never get the level of auction detail from CarFax or Autocheck as Badvin provides. Access to the auction price and sale date, as well as photos (when available) is invaluable when trying to determine whether a car is worth the price asked.
I would have liked to have seen the…
I would have liked to have seen the auction price.. but I did receive good info.
Standard Carfax Alternative
I love the idea I can see what a car was purchased for from dealer to dealer. Unfortunately, I received the same information we get from a standard carfax report. None the less, I don't think it was worth the $9.99 I paid for the Badvin report.
mor then i was expecting
mor then i was expecting, excellent
First time using this site
First time using this site. Much better and less expensive than CARFAX. More information also. Highly recommended, will use again.
I’m always hesitant ordering anything online and this time was no exception. I’ve had bad experiences before ordering vehicle reports and trying to save a few bucks by not using Carfax which to me is a ripoff $34+
In the past with the cheaper ($20 and under), I was ALWAYS disappointed with the very limited information. I always check out the companies online reviews, but again, WHO can you believe anymore. When it came to reading the reviews for BADVIN, they were all over the place too but I still needed a report so I took a chance.
Was I ever happy when the report came in it had ALL the information I was looking for but I was especially happy with the vehicle history and ownership history. For the $9.99 I paid (I only ordered one report so I didn’t get the $4.99 rate) all I can say is that from now on BADVIN (I hate the misleading name, but LOVE the company) is my one and ONLY source for any future reports. Rest assure they are a reputable source for your vin lookups.
I appreciate this website so much
I appreciate this website so much. I bought the vehicle that I looked up in the report back in May 2021 from GoIndy Automotive in Indianapolis, Indiana. I paid 32.5k. I was looking for the vehicle description and I knew that there was some language in it that wasn't present when I looked on the website after I bought it. I had no leg to stand on but your website brought back information that I was able to confirm. This vehicle broke down 10 days after I bought it, but the website did boast a warranty on the vehicle. However, on the paperwork, they asked me if I wanted to buy a warranty and I said no. I was under the impression that I was covered in the event something happened soon after but apparently, I was wrong. Thank you so much for what you guys do!
WAY BETTER than other VIN reports!
Compared to the other VIN reports, is INCREDIBLE! I have never seen so much information for one vehicle. Every service, every sale, etc. BADVIN is definitely my goto source moving forward!
Rollback issues
This is the Only way to go to for…
This is the Only way to go to for Detail Information about a car or truck you are thinking about buying, LOVE IT.
Badvin is great
Badvin is great , It provides all the history of a vehicle including photos of it's last sale record. Amazing service.
4 P-4 Textile Fabric 1507
4 P-4 Textile Fabric 1507
This site gave me info i already knew BUT
This site gave me info i already knew, but 1 or 2 little pieces i did not OVERALL COOL Website-- i would love to see them INCORPPORTATE WINDOW STICKER PICTURES> I know its not easy to do it, but would be cool
Wish I had known about Badvin before I…
Wish I had known about Badvin before I paid Carfax $40 for a report I have yet to receive. You get the same and faster service with Badvin for $30 less. I am so happy I found this online. Now I will try to get a refund from Carfax, since I paid for a service I did not get. Badvin is so fast. I love it. Thank you!
Great work guys
Great work guys! the information provided, positively influenced my decision making. The report was well-articulated and detailed and provided me with more insight. I will definitely, use them again. Thank you once again
Am so happy I wanted to buy car but…
Am so happy I wanted to buy car but when i check it was junk car . 🙏
Saved from a purchase mistake
For the Vin I looked up on a van I thought I was buying....There wasn't a lot of info. But enough extra info to show me not to buy it and make a big mistake
Check corvette 2014 LT3 Z51
Hi I'm Lex from the Netherlands and I wanted to buy Corvette 2014 Z51 and did vin check on
Understand that I've to buy from photo's and contact dealer. I bought full report and whole history came forward, dealer told me new tires and yes 1 month ago in rapport says 4 new tires. For me it gives me a good feeling that everything was ok on this car. Miles, repair, sales (with prices) everything reported till 2014. And this check for 9$! Most reports costs 19-25$.
Had a navigation problem, got a report for a car that I did not request.
Had a navigation problem
This is where I go to check the real…
This is where I go to check the real history of a vehicle. More information than Carfax's and a real complete history. Well worth taking a look here before buying or just researching a vehicle. After being unable to find certain information on Carfax's, I again came here and was able to find the info in minutes.
Well Worth the Price
Badvin supplied a comprehensive report of the vehicle's ownership and maintenance. Particularly useful was the report of FIVE (5) fender benders! I have not ordered reports from other sources, but i fail to see what they could report to make their report worth 2 to 4 times the price of this report.
I have 2 objections
I have 2 objections: #1 you say it is a bad vin# but do not tell me why..#2 you gave me a damage record only as moderate. I want to know what the damages were. Surely you can get a copy of the accident report and be more explicit.
After doing a Car-Fax I came to the…
After doing a Car-Fax I came to the conclusion this car had come from an auction...SO what did this guy pay? and now what is he asking!
Now I know what he paid! and there is little or no negotiating or wiggle room ...he paid too much at auction and thought he was just gonna flip it for a hefty profit and the car is just not worth what he's asking.You also have some really good pictures(and more of them) of the car with better magnification so I can see the car quite well(and the damage that he does not show in his ad)without having to go in person...The time and money I'm saving by spending a little money on a BADVIN REPORT! are well worth it.
I'm looking to make a purchase on my…
I'm looking to make a purchase on my first Bently 1000 miles away and I needed to be sure it was worth my time to even proceed. Thanks to Badvin I was able to do ample research about the vehicle all the way back to the day it entered the USA. until just earlier this week. Thank you Badvin for taking me by the hand, step by step to secure my optimism regarding my purchase. looking forward to tomorrow thanks again Badvin.

George Ramadhan NYC
I have repurchased three times on…
I have repurchased three times on BADVIN. It has a myriad of information, and I have bought three vehicles using their information. HIGHLY RECCOMEND!
Ripoff - don't waste your money!
Ripoff! I specifically requested and paid for the vin I wanted and received another vin number only to have to purchase again because they do not refund or provide discount. Stick with Carfax - you get full history! Very disappointed.
Professional Site And A Great Value
I greatly appreciate that you can purchase the 10 VIN package and not be hoodwinked into a similar reoccurring subscription that the competitors peddle.

Almost anything that forces you to be bothered with cancelling a reoccurring subscription is a borderline scam. The competitor sites even force you phone or email your cancellation to make it even more difficult for you (rather than just allowing you to cancel their ever so important subscription online). On those competitor sites, the subscription model is a scam because they are trying to make more money off of you than you originally intended to pay.

The information on the BADVIN site was thorough and the site is well designed and very easy to use. Well worth the small investment. It helped me to make a good purchase.
I am glad that I found this site!
I was led to believe that the 'basic'…
I was led to believe that the 'basic' report would provide me with useful information, that I could use to determine whether or not to buy the vehicle in question. After paying for this report, to my surprise, it was the exact same information--including formatting--from the car dealer's website. For something more than this 'copied' information, I had to pay an additional (almost) $10. Not happy about this.
You saved me approximately $20,000…
You saved me approximately $20,000 today! Thank you!!
I am very happy with my report
I am very happy with my report, all that I need to know, I will use it again.
Quite simply nothing else I've found…
Quite simply nothing else I've found offers anywhere near this much in terms of value for money while also showing you the vehicle itself.
I was looking for more pictures and…
I was looking for more pictures and this website offer that!
Thank you
This is best for auction buyers
This is best for auction Dealers ! I can now get a detailed report for every vehicle I purchase on IAA with ease !

Thank you BadVin
Best VIN Look-Up Tool in the Industry
This is by far the BEST VIN look-up tool in the industry. I have looked at a number of vehicles in the past few months and BADVIN definitely saved me from making some horrible mistakes. Vehicle's that were supposedly "Accident Free" according to AutoCheck in fact had been in collisions and had it not been for BADVIN I probably would have wasted my time and possibly my money on purchasing what potentially would have been a lemon. If you're looking to purchase a used vehicle then do yourself a favor and spend the $10 bucks on the premium report. It will more than likely save you from a ton of grief and certainly a ton of money.
Very helpful website
I recommend.
Excellent customer service
Excellent customer service. Very quick to respond.
I expected to get more information from…
I expected to get more information from the report. I could get exactly the same information from the carfax. I didn't notice any benefit from getting a premium report. I was hoping that I could check the websites where the car is listed, but it is not possible.
Very good service helps me to know my…
Very good service helps me to know my vehicle damages and pictures.
One of the best sites for vin reports…
One of the best sites for vin reports ever
Thanks BADVIN, I was able to get photos from previous sales a couple years ago. It appeared that my potential buy was salvage and had some serious frame damage! At the same time carfax didn't show anything like that. Great value.
My best VIN checking experience ever
My best VIN checking experience ever.
I was in a hurry and seems like I typed the wrong VIN (the website asks to check the VIN for correctness before the payment, but I skipped that step - don't be like me, check it).
So of course I got the report for a different car, not the one I was searching for. I contacted the support team and to be honest I thought I already lost my money and would have to pay more to get the correct VIN report. And here I was surprised. Mike from support solved my issue and sent me the correct VIN report even though it was my fault.
I got a detailed report with tons of pictures and it was even more than I expected from the price I paid.
Highly recommended!!!
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