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2006 VOLVO S80
Depreciation & Resale Value


The depreciation graph and accompanying table on our page detail how the 2006 VOLVO S80's price has changed annually.
For instance, while the car initially depreciated slightly in its first year, subsequent years show a significant decrease, reflecting market trends and vehicle condition over time.
Such precise data is crucial for understanding how age and market dynamics impact car values.
The average price for new (MSRP) 2006 VOLVO S80 in 2006 was $43,800.
The average price for used 2006 VOLVO S80 nowadays in 2024 is $4,195 which is 10% from the original price.
Estimated mileage driven per year is 10,143 miles.
The graph below is a depreciation curve for 2006 VOLVO S80. It shows how much this model looses per year in price. This analytics is calculated using sales records from BADVIN database.
The table below shows average price for used 2006 VOLVO S80 in each year since the year of manufacturing, current year price and projected price in the future years.
You can scroll the table horizontally to see all columns.
YearAverage MileageAverage Price% Left% Lost
2006 MSRP0 mi$43,800100%0%
201491,287 mi$13,997+$0+0%31.96%68.04%
2015101,430 mi$13,899+$98+0.7%31.73%68.27%
2016111,573 mi$15,579−$1,680−12.09%35.57%64.43%
2017121,716 mi$10,987+$4,592+29.48%25.08%74.92%
2018131,859 mi$9,993+$994+9.05%22.82%77.18%
2019142,002 mi$8,496+$1,497+14.98%19.4%80.6%
2020152,145 mi$7,000+$1,496+17.61%15.98%84.02%

Price vs Mileage

Our comprehensive analysis does not stop at depreciation; it also covers how mileage affects the VOLVO S80’s price.
With data showing detailed price points at various mileage milestones, this section helps in identifying trends and making informed decisions.
For instance, price drops at higher mileages compared to lower mileages provides insights into potential maintenance or value thresholds.
This block is particularly useful for buyers and sellers aiming to gauge the best value proposition based on vehicle mileage.
The graph below shows how mileage affects the price for 2006 VOLVO S80. This data was calculated using sales records from BADVIN database.
The table below shows average price for used 2006 VOLVO S80 by mileage and number of sales.
You can scroll the table horizontally to see all columns.
MileageAverage PriceSample Size
60,000 mi$8,56612 sales
75,000 mi$5,99513 sales
80,000 mi$6,99513 sales
85,000 mi$5,99515 sales
90,000 mi$5,98815 sales
95,000 mi$5,69720 sales
100,000 mi$5,50021 sales
105,000 mi$5,00019 sales
110,000 mi$5,99918 sales
115,000 mi$5,98818 sales
120,000 mi$5,89526 sales
125,000 mi$4,99522 sales
130,000 mi$4,99524 sales
135,000 mi$4,49525 sales
140,000 mi$5,00010 sales
145,000 mi$4,94822 sales
150,000 mi$4,95010 sales
155,000 mi$4,99512 sales
160,000 mi$3,74518 sales
185,000 mi$3,49913 sales
Frequently asked questions
Some models may depreciate faster due to factors like lower demand, higher maintenance costs, or outdated technology compared to newer versions.
Car depreciation is the decrease in value of a vehicle over time. It's a crucial factor to consider when calculating the total cost of vehicle ownership.
The best time of year to sell your car to minimize depreciation might be just before the release of a new model, when demand for used models could be higher.
The expected depreciation of a vehicle after three years can vary, but generally, cars lose a significant portion of their value within the first few years.
Keeping your vehicle for about three to five years can optimize its resale value, balancing depreciation with usage and maintenance costs.
Advanced safety features can influence the resale value and slow the depreciation of vehicles by making them more attractive to safety-conscious buyers.
You can track the depreciation of your car by monitoring market trends, checking online valuation tools, and staying informed about new model releases.
On average, a new car can depreciate by approximately 23% after the first year, reflecting the premium paid for new technology and immediate depreciation once it's considered used.
The exterior and interior condition of vehicles significantly affects their depreciation, as well-maintained vehicles generally retain more value.
To maximize value, consider buying a vehicle that is a few years old, as it has already undergone significant depreciation but likely remains reliable.
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2006 VOLVO S80 on BADVIN
2006 VOLVO S80
a month ago, 128,995 mi
VIN YV1TS592161446521
2006 VOLVO S80
2 months ago, 178,995 mi
VIN YV1TH592561441644
2006 VOLVO S80
2 months ago, 180,357 mi
VIN YV1TH592761428359
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