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2017 VOLVO XC90
Depreciation & Resale Value


The depreciation graph and accompanying table on our page detail how the 2017 VOLVO XC90's price has changed annually.
For instance, while the car initially depreciated slightly in its first year, subsequent years show a significant decrease, reflecting market trends and vehicle condition over time.
Such precise data is crucial for understanding how age and market dynamics impact car values.
The average price for new (MSRP) 2017 VOLVO XC90 in 2017 was $59,325.
The average price for used 2017 VOLVO XC90 nowadays in 2024 is $22,999 which is 39% from the original price.
Estimated mileage driven per year is 11,359 miles.
The graph below is a depreciation curve for 2017 VOLVO XC90. It shows how much this model looses per year in price. This analytics is calculated using sales records from BADVIN database.
The table below shows average price for used 2017 VOLVO XC90 in each year since the year of manufacturing, current year price and projected price in the future years.
You can scroll the table horizontally to see all columns.
YearAverage MileageAverage Price% Left% Lost
2017 MSRP0 mi$59,325100%0%
201711,359 mi$62,181−$2,856−4.81%104.81%-4.81%
201822,718 mi$53,994+$8,187+13.17%91.01%8.99%
201934,077 mi$44,999+$8,995+16.66%75.85%24.15%
202045,436 mi$39,995+$5,004+11.12%67.42%32.58%
202156,795 mi$34,998+$4,997+12.49%58.99%41.01%
202268,154 mi$30,642+$4,356+12.45%51.65%48.35%
202379,513 mi$25,999+$4,643+15.15%43.82%56.18%
202490,872 mi$22,999+$3,000+11.54%38.77%61.23%
2025102,231 mi$19,998+$3,001+13.05%33.71%66.29%
2027124,949 mi$11,243+$0+0%18.95%81.05%
2028136,308 mi$10,497+$746+6.64%17.69%82.31%
2029147,667 mi$8,772+$1,725+16.43%14.79%85.21%
2030159,026 mi$7,998+$774+8.82%13.48%86.52%
2031170,385 mi$6,995+$1,003+12.54%11.79%88.21%

Price vs Mileage

Our comprehensive analysis does not stop at depreciation; it also covers how mileage affects the VOLVO XC90’s price.
With data showing detailed price points at various mileage milestones, this section helps in identifying trends and making informed decisions.
For instance, price drops at higher mileages compared to lower mileages provides insights into potential maintenance or value thresholds.
This block is particularly useful for buyers and sellers aiming to gauge the best value proposition based on vehicle mileage.
The graph below shows how mileage affects the price for 2017 VOLVO XC90. This data was calculated using sales records from BADVIN database.
The table below shows average price for used 2017 VOLVO XC90 by mileage and number of sales.
You can scroll the table horizontally to see all columns.
MileageAverage PriceSample Size
15,000 mi$38,49422 sales
20,000 mi$37,13918 sales
25,000 mi$37,85263 sales
30,000 mi$37,99688 sales
35,000 mi$37,900144 sales
40,000 mi$37,183292 sales
45,000 mi$34,992298 sales
50,000 mi$34,470400 sales
55,000 mi$33,203458 sales
60,000 mi$30,998449 sales
65,000 mi$30,439461 sales
70,000 mi$28,981502 sales
75,000 mi$27,995438 sales
80,000 mi$26,685389 sales
85,000 mi$26,000349 sales
90,000 mi$24,500255 sales
95,000 mi$23,998235 sales
100,000 mi$22,998219 sales
105,000 mi$22,993144 sales
110,000 mi$22,998104 sales
115,000 mi$21,99891 sales
120,000 mi$21,90070 sales
125,000 mi$20,49647 sales
130,000 mi$19,99539 sales
135,000 mi$19,90025 sales
140,000 mi$16,99613 sales
145,000 mi$17,99618 sales
Frequently asked questions
To maximize value, consider buying a vehicle that is a few years old, as it has already undergone significant depreciation but likely remains reliable.
The depreciation rate can be influenced by factors such as the vehicle's condition, mileage, market demand, and the pace of technological advancements in newer models.
Economic downturns can lead to decreased demand and lower resale values for vehicles, as buyers may defer purchasing vehicles or opt for less expensive alternatives.
Technology plays a significant role in the depreciation of vehicles, as models with outdated tech depreciate faster due to lower consumer demand for older features.
Factors to consider when estimating the future resale value include the car's historical depreciation rate, current market trends, overall vehicle condition, and mileage.
Aftermarket modifications can affect the depreciation of 2017 VOLVO XC90 either positively, by enhancing appeal to certain buyers, or negatively, by deterring those who prefer stock condition.
When buying a car, consider models with strong resale histories, opt for popular color and feature options, and evaluate current market trends for the best value retention.
On average, a new car can depreciate by approximately 23% after the first year, reflecting the premium paid for new technology and immediate depreciation once it's considered used.
The best time of year to sell your car to minimize depreciation might be just before the release of a new model, when demand for used models could be higher.
The expected depreciation of a vehicle after three years can vary, but generally, cars lose a significant portion of their value within the first few years.
Other years of VOLVO XC90
2005 VOLVO XC90
$5,100 average used price
2,800+ sales records
2006 VOLVO XC90
$5,000 average used price
3,400+ sales records
2007 VOLVO XC90
$5,487 average used price
3,700+ sales records
2008 VOLVO XC90
$5,440 average used price
4,400+ sales records
2014 VOLVO XC90
$11,243 average used price
4,900+ sales records
2019 VOLVO XC90
$30,642 average used price
45,700+ sales records
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$47,630 MSRP
$14,799 average used price
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a month ago, 129,276 mi
VIN YV4BC0PL7H1114273
2017 VOLVO XC90
a month ago, 68,348 mi
VIN YV4A22PK7H1179237
2017 VOLVO XC90
a month ago, 94,890 mi
VIN YV4A22PK5H1143692
2017 VOLVO XC90
a month ago, 100,268 mi
VIN YV4A22PK4H1145661
2017 VOLVO XC90
a month ago, 106,789 mi
VIN YV4A22PL6H1105395
a month ago, 84,069 mi
VIN YV4BC0PL7H1126892
2017 VOLVO XC90
a month ago, 94,764 mi
VIN YV4A22PK0H1153823
2017 VOLVO XC90
a month ago, 77,020 mi
VIN YV4BC0PL5H1131654
2017 VOLVO XC90
a month ago, 69,391 mi
VIN YV4A22PK0H1175790
2017 VOLVO XC90
a month ago, 100,118 mi
VIN YV4A22PL4H1163196
2017 VOLVO XC90
a month ago, 49,165 mi
VIN YV4A22PM5H1144178
2017 VOLVO XC90
a month ago, 79,453 mi
VIN YV4BC0PL9H1121614
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